Islamists organize their ranks in Syria’s Hasakah


ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) announced Monday the formation of security units in the township of al-Hol in the eastern countryside of Hasakah, northeastern Syria, in order to administer the region’s security and secure IS military institutions.

Speaking to ARA News in al-Hol, civil rights activist Ismail Ali said that the Islamic State militants issued a decree on Monday to form security units, including IS members in the township on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“These units were formed to run the town of al-Hol along with the surrounding areas,” Ali reported.

The source pointed out that the local IS Emir of al-Hol approved the formation of security units, which will include a police station in the municipality of Abu Hajira Khwatna, the al-Hisba (prosecution) headquarters in the municipality of Khatonah Bahra, and the al-Amniyoon (security service) in the municipality of the al-Hol farm in addition to the formation of security units within the town of al-Hol. 

Noteworthy, the Islamic State took control of the twon of al-Hol along with surrounding villages nearly one year ago. 


Reporting by: Dilshad Muhammad

Source: ARA News

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