International coalition and regime launch simultaneous anti-ISIS attacks northeastern Syria


ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – On Sunday, the Syrian regime’s warplanes struck the town of Tel Hamis in the southern countryside of Qamishli (Qamishlo), northeastern Syria, local sources reported.

Tel Hamis has been under the control of Islamic State’s (IS/ISIS) militants for more than a year. 

The pro-regime warplanes bombed the town of Tel Hamis and the neighboring village of Okaz, causing the massive destruction of several residential buildings, local activists from Qamishli told ARA News.

No casualties were reported during the attacks, as the majority of residents evaluated the bombed areas following IS control. 

Meanwhile, speaking to ARA News, activist Ammar Hassan said that the U.S-led coalition’s fighter jets bombed on Sunday morning the IS-held town of al-Hol, eastern Hasakah, near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“Al-Hol’s attacks targeted the town’s camp and the village of al-Bahra, which are considered major strongholds for the IS extremists” Hassan said.

There were no reports of casualties. 

This comes as the sorties of the coalition’s warplanes covered the sky of the southern countryside of Hasakah, which is controlled by the IS group. 


Reporting by: Dilshad Muhammed

Source: ARA News

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