Turkey-ISIS tie no longer hidden: Syria deputy FM


Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad

ARA News

Faisal Miqdad, Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister, accused Turkey of “acts of terror”.

Miqdad accused the Turkish authorities of supporting militants of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) both in Syria and Iraq, through facilitating the movement of the group’s militant fighters through its borders.

“Turkey is not a part of the solution, but a basic part of the problem,” Miqdad told Lebanon’s al-Binaa newspaper on Saturday.

“The relationship between the Turkish regime and the ISIS (ISIL) terrorists is no longer hidden,” he said.

Miqdad also commented on Turkey’s failure in a third round of run-off voting for the second of the two Western seats on the UN Security Council.

“Turkey’s failure to have support of UN states to gain a non-permanent seat on Security Council last Thursday is a clear expression of the world’s rejection of the Turkish policies against Syria and Iraq and its alliance with ISIS, a terrorist organization.”

Turkey has been accused of backing ISIS in Syria. The Turkish government continues to block the supply of military equipment and reinforcements for Kurdish fighters defending Syria’s strategic border town of Kobane against the terrorists.

Ankara prevents Turkish Kurds from crossing the border into Kobani to join the Kurds in the battle for the town.

“The friends of Turkey, particularly the US administration and its security bodies and the European and Arab colleagues of (Turkish President) Erdogan and (Prime Minister) Davutoglu became convinced that it is impossible to continue supporting the Turkish leadership’s involvement in backing terrorism, including the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization and other branches of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization,” the Syrian official argued.

ISIS has added further reinforcements to its ranks in an effort to break the resistance of Kurdish fighters.


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